snowball fight

children say the darndest things..

raelen walks into the kitchen and smells the bacon i’m cooking for our dinner –   “yummers!!  i can’t believe you’re making something that i like!”

nisha’s first day of school…

she  hated it. see below.  

putting the house to rights

moving into a new house is a great opportunity to reevaluate one’s belongings – to decide what you really want and what you don’t need to keep anymore, to organize and find places for everything, and find that there just isn’t a place anymore for some things…    

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

and the renovations begin…

we moved in on friday, and saturday morning we started tearing apart the upstairs.  we’re going to be building the kids’ bedrooms up there, so there is an element of, “gotta get it done”. …of course, by saturday night, with the calming presence of ian and lesley gone, peter and i sat upstairs together going, [...]

still learning how to “blog”.

so far so good. we’ve been doing a lot of unpacking – kids have been playing in the increasingly less empty rooms, and we’ve been playing outside. watching our birds at the feeders.  That’s a family toast in the bottom picture – first night in the new house…couldn’t find the cups…

we’ve moved in!

we’re in our new house. we’ve got some views.

welcome to our blog!

i never thought we would EVER start one of these things. but it is a lot easier than keeping our website updated (which we’ve proved we cannot do ). – the slaters