stuff we found in the walls…

we used to have a normal upstairs, and now we have this kind:

nothin' left

peter d suggests vaccuuming up the hornets nests from above the rafters before the weather turns warm...

and, as you might expect when excavating, as it were, back through the layers of time, we found some treasures!  …well, maybe not “treasures”…

layers and layers of wallpaper. we figure every time something went wrong with the house, they slapped another layer of paper over the problem.

peter counted 8 layers here!

and we found a safety book in the wall, i think from the 50s or 60s…

never be a dodo!

such a handy booklet!

bicycle safety - pre-helmets, of course!

safety and explosives

and a contract for your child to sign.

we also found a few mouse skeletons.  now, these are a bit creepy, not becuase they’re mouse skeletons, but because they remind me of the centipedes we had in toronto.  expect the centipedes were bigger, and meaner.

you can see a couple tails, the rib cage, a couple disembodied paws...

mouse skull. muhahahaha.

and the grand finale – my dad found this scrap of newspaper laying on the ground outside in and amongst the piles of rubble:

"the true witness and catholic chronicle"

"oct 17, 1873"

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